Does AppleCare Cover Liquid or Water Damage On My iPad?

Liquid damage can mean death for your expensive technology devices. See what you need to do to protect your iPad with AppleCare +

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You’ve got your fancy new iPad…annnnnd you accidentally dumped a can of coke on it or it went for a dip in the pool.

Now what?

Are you screwed and out hundreds and hundreds of dollars?


Does AppleCare Cover Liquid or Water Damage On My iPad?

No, AppleCare does not cover liquid damage, however you can purchase AppleCare + which DOES cover liquid damage.

AppleCare+ must be purchased within 60 days of your iPad purchase.
Let’s take a look at Apple’s Warranty, it’s extended warranty and what coverage you really have.

Let’s take a look at Apple’s Warranty, it’s extended warranty and what coverage you really have.


Applecare is the fancy term Apple uses for it’s standard 12-month warranty. Instead of calling it a manufacturers warranty, they called it a cozy name like Applecare!

Applecare does not cover liquid damage. I repeat, the standard 12 month warranty does not cover liquid damage!

Even though the following screen shot is for iPhone and iPods, it applies to iPads too.

AppleCare liquid damage iPhone
Apple’s standard warranty doesn’t protect against liquid/water damage

Every product (just about) from Apple comes with a 12-month warranty against defects and workmanship.

This means that if you buy an iPad and 6 months later the power button stops working, Apple will repair or replace it. Maybe your Apple Pencil has started to become not responsive when you write, as long as you’re within 12 months of purchasing it, Apple will repair or replace it.

…but it HAS to be a manufacturer defect or an issue with workmanship to qualify for repair or replacement under Applecare, the 12-month warranty.

A scratch across your beautiful iPad screen doesn’t count or qualify for a replacement or repair.

Apple will say you mishandled the product and honestly, they’re right. A drop and subsequent scratch is an accident and not covered by AppleCare.

Applecare +

Applecare +, is the insurance plan to get for accidental damage including water or liquid damage.

The little tiny “+” symbol turns an otherwise average 12-month warranty into something quite awesome.

See, Applecare + is Apple’s term for their accidental damage protection. This really does protect your device against almost any kind of damage and Apple will repair or replace it.

To make sure I’m offering accurate advice, I double checked this with Apple Support and specifically asked them if Applecare + covers liquid/water damage.

AppleCare+ Liquid Damage iPad Chat

The extra insurance offered by Applecare+ costs under $10 a month usually and is a no-brainer. There aren’t many products Apple offers – actually, I don’t think there are any at all – where the Applecare+ insurance cost is more than the repair or replacement cost. There was a rumor of an 12.9″ iPad screen costing $700+.

Something to consider with Applecare+ and iPads, it doesn’t cover loss or theft. So if you get your iPad stolen or forget it somewhere and it’s gone when you go look for it, you’re screwed and there’s nothing Apple will do for you.

Having said that, Apple does offer a loss & theft protection plan for iPhones only.

Is AppleCare+ Worth It For iPad?


I take really good care of my things and they last, but I still purchased AppleCare+. If you add up the monthly payments, it works out to be $150 for two years of coverage.

What do you get for your $150?

  • Up to two incidents (claims) of accidental damage every 12-months.
  • A deductible of $49 for repairs and replacements

So this means you can buy an iPad today and know that if you crack the screen, drop it, toss it in the swimming pool, run over it (accidentally!) or anything else other than loosing it or having it stolen from you, you’re good and covered.

The cheapest iPad is around $300. Considering you can pay for Applecare+ monthly (under $10) – and stop anytime you want – it might be a good idea.

iPad 8th Generation prices at Best Buy
iPad 8th Generation Prices @ Best Buy

Even if you don’t think you’ll hold onto an iPad for two years because you upgrade a lot – buy it for 12 months so you can use the iPad without stressing about it breaking, then sell the ipad and stop paying for AppleCare+.

Something to note, if you do choose to pay for AppleCare+ monthly, if you miss one payment, just one, AppleCare+ is cancelled for the remainder of the 2 years and you’re left with the standard 12 month warranty.

For me, the piece of mind was worth it because now I feel like I can really use the iPad and not be worried about babying it every second of the day. The iPad is made to be picked up and hands on, not sit on a stand all day with a keyboard. That’s what laptops are for.

Does AppleCare Cover Water Damage To My Apple Pencil?

Apple Pencils – both 1st and 2nd generations – are covered under AppleCare, the standard 12-month warranty from Apple.

This does not cover the Apple Pencil against liquid damage. You need to obtain an AppleCare+ plan specifically for the Apple Pencil.

For an Apple Pencil to be covered under AppleCare+, you have to do one of two things.

  1. When you buy your iPad and add AppleCare+, buy your Apple Pencil at the same time, on the same receipt. Make sure the receipt lists your iPad, Apple Pencil and Apple Care. Your Apple Pencil has a unique serial number just like your iPad, so Apple knows which devices (and accessories) belong to you.
  2. Buy AppleCare+ within 60 days of your original iPad and Apple Pencil purchase. Again, make sure the iPad and Apple Pencil are on the same receipt.

Will AppleCare+ Cover My Apple Pencil If Purchased Separately?

So I’ll tell you what happened to me as it was a bit of a unique situation. I got a bit lucky when I had to add AppleCare+ on my Apple Pencil.

I bought my Apple Pencil separately, 3-4 weeks before I got an iPad because it was an awesome deal – plus I was confident that I’d be buying an iPad because they’re amazing.

So there I had my Apple Pencil, but no iPad to use it on. It sat in it’s box for a few weeks until I could get my iPad.

I added AppleCare+ onto my order when I bought my iPad, so the iPad was covered.

But my Apple Pencil, sitting inside my closet shelf was not covered! My dog could chew up my Apple Pencil and I’d have to deal with it. The Apple Pencil wasn’t even paired with an iPad, so I called Apple to see if they could help.

It took about 45 – 1hr on the phone and being transferred from the front line telephone representatives to the AppleCare department, but eventually I spoke to someone that could help me.

I made it clear that I hadn’t even used the Apple Pencil yet and I explained that I just bought my iPad – they can tell when everything was purchased because the serial numbers from the iPad and Apple Pencil are registered in my name along with the purchase date.

My old iPad was an iPad Mini and that didn’t have Apple Pencil capabilities, so there’s no way I could have used the Apple Pencil.

I didn’t have anything to use it with, until I bought my iPad with AppleCare+.

Once everything was figured out, they just added the serial number of my Apple Pencil to my AppleCare+ plan and that was it. Boom.

I checked on Apple’s website to make sure the Apple Pencil was individually covered, and it was. Check your own coverage here:


It’s easy to confuse AppleCare and AppleCare+.

AppleCare + DOES cover against water or liquid damage on iPads, iPhones and Apple Watches. You have to purchase and pay for this separately and is not applied automatically. Be sure to check this ASAP when you buy a new iPad!

After 60 days, you can’t add AppleCare+ and you’re out on your own for repairs.

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