[300+ FREE SPIRE Presets] ULTIMATE Spire FREE Preset Download List

Expand your Spire virtual synth preset library with these awesome FREE custom Spire presets.

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In this epic listicle, you will see the best and most complete listing of free spire presets that you can download right now and use in your next track.

Spire is an amazing virtual synth instrument that has earned the respect of many producers worldwide. It’s not new to the game by any means, but that means there has been plenty of time for skilled Spire sound designers to cook up some amazing presets and even offer them for free download.

Scroll through this list and check out all 26 places online that are giving away free Spire presets.

Free Spire Presets List


Reveal Sound – 18 Free Spire Preset Packs

Reveal Sound, the maker of Spire, is the first place you should go for free spire presets. They have a ton of preset packs available, each containing a number of individual sounds you can use right away with your Spire synth.

You’ll find everything from essential free spire preset packs to Avicci Remastered Spire preset packs to Spire template files you can use in Fruity Loops, Cubase or Logic.

This is a goldmine for anyone that has just bought Spire virtual synth or if you’re looking for some fresh sounds and inspiration.

Download Reveal Sound Free Spire Presets Here


WA Production – Spire Mega Preset Pack

WA Production has a bunch of free Spire presets you can download and use right away. This pack – the Spire Mega Pack – has keys, bass, leads, plucks and chords that span almost all electronic music genres like house, trance, electro house, future bass and more.

Download WA Production Free Spire Mega Pack Presets Here


WA Production Future House Free Spire Preset Pack

Another free Spire preset pack from WA Production, featuring pads, bass, leads, plucks and chords in a EDM style. A total of 60 FREE Spire presets and 100 FREE Sylenth 1 presets too.

You’ll have to follow WA Production on SoundCloud before you can download the free Spire preset pack.

Download Free Spire Future House Presets Here


WA Production EDM Anthems Free Spire Presets

WA Productions comes through again with their EDM Anthems demo preset pack for Spire. You’ll have to follow WA Productions on Sound Cloud to get access to the pack.

Download WA Productions Free Spire EDM Anthem Presets here


WA Productions EDM Construction Kit

WA Productions Free Spire EDM Construction Kits Presets

WA Productions is giving away EDM construction kits that include free spire presets inside each one. Download them through their freebie portal – follow on Sound Cloud and download the pack instantly.

Download Free Spire Presets In EDM Construction Kit From WA Productions Here


WA Production – Free Future House Spire Preset Kits

More from WA Productions – this time a free future house kit with free Spire presets inside. All available to download instantly after SoundCloud follow.

Download Free Spire Future House Kit Presets Here


WA Productions – Free Spire Bass Presets

WA Productions have this Spire free preset and they’ve made 20 awesome bass Spire presets for you to use in your next track. Give them a follow on SoundCloud and download instantly.

Download 20 Free Spire Bass Presets From WA Productions Here


WA Production – Free Complextro Kits With Spire Presets

From WA Production, these are construction kits that are meant to give you instant inspiration to make some great music. You’ll find 28 free Spire and Massive presets and a total of 1GB of content. All are royalty free to use in your next production.

Download WA Production Free Complextro Kits With Free Spire Presets Here


WA Production FL Studio Template With Free Spire Presets

WA Productions Free FL Studio Template With Free Spire Presets

WA Production has this free Fruity Loops Studio project that includes some great sounding FREE spire presets you can use anywhere else in your music. Included are drums, pads, bass and chords in an EDM and electro house style.

Download Free FL Studio Project With Free Spire Presets Here


Alonso Sound Free Spire Presets (Keys)

Alonso Free Spire Presets

Ok, so you’re probably thinking Holidays 2021?…but this FREE spire preset pack still has excellent sounds today.

You’ll get 35+ Spire presets to use in your music instantly. The sounds are keys.

Download Alonso Free Spire Presets Here


Bellatrix Audio Aura 2 Free Spire Presets

You’ll find over 120 presets in this awesome FREE spire preset pack from Bellatrix Audio.

It’s called Aura 2 and the presets cover genres like:

  • New Age
  • Chillout
  • Pop
  • Instrumental
  • Electro
  • Enigmatic (Mysterious)

There are some awesome presets in here that you a use in any style of music you make. Definitely one you have to download if you’re new to Spire or want some extra creative flair.

Download Aura 2 FREE Spire presets on Bellatrix Audio here


Club Revolution – Free Revolution Sound Presets For Spire (Vol 1)

A bunch of very useable FREE Spire presets that you can download after a YouTube subscribe.

Download Revolution Sound FREE Spire Presets Here


Freak Music Free Spire Piano Presets

This is a very cool collection of free piano type presets for Spire. They’re by Freak Music and would work beautifully in a chill out or down tempo type song. They’re also useable for creating dreamy backgrounds to your trap tracks.

Download Freak Music Free Spire Piano Presets Here


Razer Free Lead And Pluck Presets For Spire

These are some nice, clean and powerful FREE lead and pluck presets for Spire. They’d work well in EDM or picking out a hook in a more urban type style.

All they need is an email address and you’ll get the download instantly.

Download Free Spire Lead Pluck Presets By Razer Here


Angelic Vibes – Free Dark & Atmospheric Spire Presets

Angelic Vibes have shown their love for the producer world and presented this 100% free Spire preset bank. They’ve focused on creating atmospheric, textural, soundscapes that can be layered or morphed between to create out of this world audio journeys.

An awesome free Spire preset bank.

Download Angelic Vibes FREE spire presets here


Rekkerd Free Spire Presets

No fancy cover image to show you here, but you’ll find four unique FREE Spire synth preset packs on Rekkerd.org. They’re made by different sound designers and cover genres like minimal deep techno, electro synth and more.

Download the free Spire presets on Rekkerd.org here


Galwaro Sample Pack Volume 1

This is a stuffed full FREE sample pack that contains vocals, drums, baselines, leads and of course free Spire presets.

This is a great way to boost up your personal sample collection at the same time as getting more awesome free Spire presets.

Listen to the full sample pack here.

Download Galwaro Sample Pack Volume 1 With FREE Spire Presets Here


EVO Sounds Free Spire Presets

The team at Evo Sounds wanted to give back to the community with some free custom Spire presets. Check out the demos on the EVOSounds website and download it if you like them.

Just a heads up – the download page is hard to read because it’s dark text on a dark background. The easiest way to get around this is to press Control/Command – A and it highlights the text so you can read the fields to enter your name and email address.

Once you’ve done that you’ll get an email on where you can download the free spire presets.

Download Free Spire Presets From EVO Sounds Here


Aura Qualic Free Spire Trance Presets

This is a pay what you want free Spire presets bank from Aura Qualic.

It’s focused on the trance genre, with big pads, huge leads and epic chords. It also works well for chill out house music too.

Download Free Trance Presets For Spire By Aura Qualic Here


IndustryKits Customer Appreciation Free Spire Presets

The team at IndustryKits have put together this awesome free pack of Spire presets to give back to the producing community.

Check out the demo video below

You’ll get 60 custom made presets that are 100% royalty free so you can use them right away in your tracks.

Download IndustryKits Free Spire Presets Here


Audiotent Rhino 10 Free Spire Bass Presets

Get ten unique custom bass presets for FREE for Spire virtual synthesizer. Just enter your email address and follow the links you’ll get. Easy.

Download 10 Free Spire Bass Presets By Audiotent Rhino Here


Spire Soundbanks Pack 2015 (Free Spire Presets)

I couldn’t find much information about this other than it’s been floating around since 2015.

Download Spire Free Soundbanks Pack 2015 here


FLP Family FREE Mini Groove Soundbank For Spire

Get 20+ FREE presets for Spire that includes leads, basses, plucks, pads and more. This is a very good free Spire preset pack that you can download instantly and use in your tracks right away.

Download FLP Family mini groove bank (free presets) for Spire here


LFO Store / Stereo School Free Spire Presets

These are some beautiful free Spire presets that would work well in a lot of different genres from Acid to Ambient to Downtempo To Techno!

Check out the demo of the presets first:

They have a pay what you think it’s worth pricing plan – so you can give them a few bucks if you think it’s worth it.

Download Stereo School Free Spire Presets Here


Free Future Bounce Presets For Spire

Get a great pack of free Spire presets from Essential Audio Media. It’ll cost you a YouTube subscribe, but that’s peanuts for some great new Spire synth presets.

Download Free Spire Presets Future Bounce Here


Baltic Audio Free Spire Essentials Presets

This is an awesome mix of high energy EDM focused FREE Spire presets. You’ll get a total of 20 custom made presets and even 15 midi files to help you start your next monster track!

Download Free Spire Essential Presets Here


So there you have it, 26 amazing places online to download the BEST FREE SPIRE PRESETS period! This list will be updated frequently when we discover new talented sound designers that are awesome enough to share their work with the producing community.

If there’s a place we missed on this epic best free spire presets article, please let us know and it will be added quick fast.

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