How To Adjust The Volume On Spire Synth Plugin

The volume control on Spire is there, but it's a bit hidden if you're not used to spotting it.

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So you’ve just downloaded one of the most epic dance music synth’s on the planet, but you can’t figure out how to adjust the volume on spire synth plugin?

It’s easy to get lost with all the knobs and buttons. But here’s where the volume button on Spire is at:

If you follow the audio signal in the steps it’s processed (top left to top right then down), you’ll understand better how the audio flow is managed by Spire synth plugin. The volume is the final block the audio signal passes through before it’s allowed out of Spire synth and into your speakers or headphones.

Most synths have this right to left or top to bottom structure to make it easier to edit in the sound chain and to figure out what is doing…what!

Now you have the volume figured out, head over to this post and download 300+ spire synth presets for free!

If you’ve got a Mac and an iPad, you can connect it to Spire synth plugin via a DAW like Logic Pro or Ableton. Check out how to connect your iPad to your Mac to use as a keyboard.

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