How To Check Which Items You Have Asurion Coverage On

It's not easy to find which Asurion protection plans are associated to which item you purchased on Amazon. Find out how to do it in a few easy steps.

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I bought an Asurion protection plan on Amazon, but can’t remember which products I got covered.”

Asurion is a company that specializes in warranties, insurance and repair of electronic devices. You’ll have probably seen an Asurion up-sell when you’re checking out on Amazon. They’re inexpensive piece-of-mind plans that offer good coverage should you need it.

The problem I’ve had – and you too – is that once you purchase an Asurion protection plan, Amazon doesn’t automatically associate it with a product….so you can’t determine which “electronics product” is covered.

Here’s what you need to do to find out which Asurion plans you purchased on Amazon and which devices are covered.

How To Check Which Asurion Protection Plans You Have Purchased On Amazon And What Product Is It Associated With

Which Asurion Plans Do I have On Amazon?
To find out which Asurian protection plans you’ve purchased on Amazon and what they’re associated with, follow these steps.
Go To Asurion’s Website And Click “Get Started”

Click this link to go to Asurion’s Website

Navigate to Asurion’s web page and click on the “Get Started” button

Choose “Amazon” From The Drop Down List Then Press Continue

When you see the drop down box, select Amazon or the retailed you purchase the Asurion plan from.

Login With Your Amazon Account

Make sure you login to your Amazon account from the Asurion’s support page. This way your Amazon purchase information is matched with Asurion’s plan information and you’ll see all the warranty plans you have.

Select “Allow” To Associate Your Amazon Account With Asurion

Do not skip this step, click “Allow” to enable Asurion to match your Amazon purchases.

View Your Asurion Plans Purchased On Amazon

Here you’ll see all your Asurion plans and some will say what product they’re linked with.

Now, some of the plans just say what category they are assigned to – like “kitchen protection plan”.

How to find out which actual item the plan is associated with, you might have to reference the purchase date of the specific Asurion plan purchase with Amazon to discover the other items also purchased on the same day and match them up.

I’m not sure why there’s a better way of finding which Asurion plans are associated to which item, maybe they’re hoping that the consumer will forget and not claim if damage does occur to their (unknown to them) in-coverage item.

This is the best method right now of finding out which Asurion plans you have purchased on Amazon and which products are covered by those plans.

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