[3 Solutions] How To Manage Your iPhone or iPad From A PC or Mac

See the best 3 iPhone and iPad managers for your PC or Mac compared. Backup & Organize your iOS devices with these top options.

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You might be looking for a way to organize your apps on you iPhone or iPad.

You need something that will allow you to easily sort and organize your apps and data so it’s arranged in a way that’s the most useful to you. iPads are all about personalizing it to your own unique settings, but that doesn’t have to stop at how your home screens are laid out and organized.

The best iPhone or iPad PC or Mac managers should be able to communicate and customize your iPhone to it’s maximum potential. Now, keep in mind you can’t completely give your iPhone or iPad a makeover, there are limits to what software can do, but it’s the next best thing that’s available right now and it will help you get the most out of your favorite Apple devices.

The Best iPhone and iPad Managers

I found the top three iPhone and iPad managers and gave them a test drive to see how they compared. All are already popular and established, so there should be some good solutions out there.

Let’s check them out right now.

Bottom Line
Best Overall
Bottom Line
iMazing is the best app overall to manage your iPhone or iPad on a PC or Mac.
Quick to sync music
Dedicated backup system
Manage contacts in-app
Not free
Export Live Photos To GIF
Bottom Line
Not as polished as iMazing but still capable and has extra features the other options don’t have.
Export Live Photos to .gif
Export HEIC photos to JPG automatically
No backup system
Focused On Moving Data
Bottom Line
More of a data transfer tool than an iPhone or iPad manager. Good for backups and music management.
Easy to use backup system
Easy transfer of music to and from your iPhone or iPad.
No contacts manager

1. iMazing (iPhone & iPad Manager PC/Mac)

iMazing iPhone & iPad Management Software

iMazing is my top recommendation for an app that can manage your iPhone and iPad on your PC or Mac device. I personally use it with my iPad and it works excellent for most of the tasks you’d ever need – backup, transfer, update and optimize storage all within the same iMazing software.

I don’t know of any solution that’s available right now that will allow you to manage the layout of the apps on your iPhone or iPad. Even the iTunes app – that used to allow app management/layouts – doesn’t have a feature that supports this.

iMazing iPhone & iPad Management Software (Backup)

Here are some of the top features of iMazing

  • Backup, export and print any message or attachment from iMessages
  • Quickly sync your music from your PC or Mac to your iPhone or iPad with no fuss. You don’t have to use iTunes anymore.
  • Easily export your favorite memories from photos and save them right onto your PC or Mac
  • Backup your entire device with iMazing – even wirelessly
  • New Phone? Copy just the things over you want (like contacts and photos, but not voice memos) to your new phone with no hassle.
  • Manage your contacts right in the app, back them up for safe keeping
  • Transfer ringtones or notification tones to your iPhone or iPad
  • Export voice memos to your PC or Mac
  • Manage calendars, notes, or even setup supervision mode for kids
  • + More!
iMazing iPhone & iPad Management Software (Ringtones)

Pricing: You can purchase iMazing for one device for $34.99, or get a multiple-device license for just an additional $10. Check out the full demo before deciding to purchase so you can see if it will work for you.

2. AnyTrans (iPhone & iPad Manager PC/Mac)

AnyTrans is a software solution to manage all different aspects of your iPhone or iPad. It’s made by iMobie who are specialists at making reliable mobile tech accessories.

It’s got a couple of cool features that iMazing misses – exporting HEIC format photos to JPG automatically and also the ability to download and convert Live Photos to .Gifs so they can be shared with friends and family that might not have an Apple Device.

If you transfer photos often between your iPhone and your PC or Mac, AnyTrans does have a slick photo export option that makes it easy to view your iPhone photos and videos on your computer’s big screen.

Pricing: AnyTrans is priced at $39.99. You can download a free trial to test it out before you purchase here.

3. EaseUS MobiMover

EaseUS MobiMover is more of a data transfer tool than a fully fledged iPhone or iPad organization system. It backs up everything that’s on your iPhone or iPad to your local drive on your PC or Mac.

Check out the different types of files EaseUS MobiMover can backup:

EaseUS MobiMover Backup File Types

One cool feature of MobiMover is it’s ability to download content from more than 1,000 websites to your PC or Mac locally. So, you could use this to download your favorite YouTube videos but just copy/pasting the link into MobiMover. Make sure you’re not breaking copyright rules from downloading content first.

Pricing: A one year license to MobiMover is $39.95 and you can take the app for a test drive before you purchase to check it will work for you.

Any one of the programs above will successfully help you manage your iPhone or iPad on your PC or Mac.

We used to be able to manage the layout of apps on home screens via apps like iTunes, but Apple put a stop to that feature a while ago without ever reimplementing it again.

If you’re deciding which iPhone or iPad backup software to use, you’re probably tossing up iMazing and AnyTrans. I’d recommend iMazing first for it’s straight forward layout and reliability.

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