How To Print Logic Pro Scores

It's not as straightforward as it should be, but here is how to print out Logic's score view.

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Apple’s Logic Pro has a ton of modern features built in, but it still faithfully tracks each note that’s played into the workstation and they can be viewed on a traditional music score.

Maybe you’re in a band or are used to more traditional music reading. Perhaps you want to export your song as musical scores so other people can read, play along and enjoy your song?

Here’s how to print Logic Pro scores [Fast Answer]

  1. Click on the midi region you want to view the score of
  2. Press “E”
  3. Click the “Score” tab
  4. Click the “View” tab on the editor screen
  5. Click “Page View”
  6. Click the Camera tool
  7. Click and drag over the area on the score you want to print
  8. Enter a save name and the location the score PDF should be saved to

How To Print Logic Pro Scores [Full Tutorial]

If you’re still stuck trying to find out how to print a Logic Pro score, this is the full tutorial with screen shots.

How To Print Logic Pro Scores
Here’s the best way to print a Logic Pro score.
Make Sure Export To PDF Is Selected

In Logic Pro, use the top menu bar to navigate to Logic Pro -> Settings -> Score and make sure “Write To: PDF File” is selected.

Select Midi Region

Go to the main timeline and select the midi region you want to convert to score and print. A midi region is any block on the timeline that you made with midi notes. This will not work for audio regions.

Open The Editor

Next, open the midi region in editor view. There are two ways to do this, the easiest is to select the region and press the “E” key on your keyboard. The second easiest way it to just navigate to “View” then “Editor” in the top menu bar.

You should see the piano notes appear below the region.

Open The Score View

Finally the score view! Tap on the “Score” tab to bring up the score view for your midi region.

View “Page View”

To make the score fit on a page and not be an endless row of notes, you have to select something called “Page View”. To switch to this view, click the “View” drop down button, then hover over “View Mode” and finally click on “Page View”.

Select The Camera Tool

You should see the score on the left hand side of the page. You might need to zoom out a bit to see the entire thing. Next, select the Camera Tool from the drop down box. Your mouse pointer should look like a camera. You can choose the camera tool for either left click or command-click.

If you choose to use the camera tool with the second box, you’ll have to hold command and click. If you use the camera tool with the left box, you can click as normal. As you progress and gain experience with Logic, you’ll find it’s handier to use command-click as to leave your main mouse cursor with the pointer tool.

Click And Drag Over The Score

Using the camera tool, click and drag over the area of the score you want to print.

If you have any blank areas on your score, you can just select above them to remove them from the printout.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a standard printout size though, so you might want to keep the empty space if you’re planning on adding the printouts to a physical folder or binder.

Save The Score Print

Once you take your mouse off the left click button, you’ll see a popup asking for a save name and save location. Remember this for when we need to find the score file to print.

Locate The Saved Score

Navigate to the location of the saved score file on your Mac. Usually it’s in “Documents”, but this can change depending on where you selected in the previous step.

Print The Score

Double click on the PDF file to open it up in the viewer. You might need to change the orientation to “Portrait” or “Landscape” to make the score fit the page better. Do whatever looks best to you.

Change the “PDF” in the bottom right of the popup to the name of your printer and finally click the “Print” button. That’s it!

This guide showing you how to the print the Logic Pro score should be fairly straightforward using this how-to guide. It’s a bit of a long way-around of doing it and I’m surprised Logic doesn’t have a simple “print score” button, but for now this is the way to go.

When Logic updates their DAW to be a bit more friendly printing with score view, we’ll update this page.

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