This Smart Thermostat Works With iPhone and Apple Homekit

Check out this top rated and best selling HomeKit smart thermostat to keep your home at the perfect temperature.

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Your heating and cooling energy bill can be one of the largest expenses you have to face each month.

Even just a small change like lowering the temperature by 1-2 degrees or setting sleep and away times can show as significant savings.

Smart thermostats have come a long way and now with advanced features it’s easier than ever to upgrade your old thermostat to something of the future.

There isn’t much choice for quality smart thermostats that work with iPhone and Apple Homekit.

Apple HomeKit

The ecobee3 lite smart thermostat is endorsed by Apple and has some excellent features that can legitimately save money and pay for its self.

Hopefully we’ll see more selection of Apple Homekit compatible thermostats, but until then the ecobee3 lite is the one to get.

ecobee3 lite smart thermostat

Why is the ecobee3 lite smart thermostat good to use with iPhone?

By installing and taking full advantage of the ecobee3 smart thermostat, you’ll be more comfortable at home. You can wake up to a warm house that welcomes you in the morning and return to your home at the perfect temperature.

You’ll set it up and configure all of the settings using your iPhone.

Ecobee iPhone App

It’s not only great at scheduling, but it can save you some real money on your energy bill.

If you don’t have pets, the ecobee3 lite can automatically lower the temperature when you’re not home so you use less energy and save money.

Why heat or cool an empty house?

Air conditioning is one of the biggest users of electricity. If you aren’t home, set the AC higher, but don’t switch it off completely. If you do, the air conditioner has to work extra hard to get the home temperature to an acceptable level. If you can just raise the temperature of the AC a few degrees, it’ll save you money but also mean your AC doesn’t have to do a ton of work when you get home.

One unique feature of the ecobee3 lite is it’s SmartSensor accessory.

ecobee smart sensor

If you place the sensor in the room you use the most, the ecobee3 lite will make sure you’re comfortable by controlling the temperature until the desired point has been reached.

It works by averaging the sensors temperature with the thermostats temperature and runs the heating or cooling until the setpoint temperature has been met.

One reviewer commented that he always had a section of his home that was always about 5F warmer than the rest. He added two sensors to the warmer part of the home and in about an hour the temperature difference was 1F.

That’s impressive from such an affordable unit.

ecobee3 lite on the Apple website (link)

Our research found that a lot of people love that they can program the thermostat easily and if needed schedule multiple times a day where the thermostat adjusts the temperature.

One person we discovered used the thermostat in a yoga studio, commenting the unit has paid for its self.

Several yoga classes are scheduled throughout the day and the thermostat can make sure the studio is heated or cooled to the perfect temperature by the time the yoga class starts. Save money and be more comfortable!

ecobee3 lite

The extra sensors are really a hit a lot of buyers – one owning the ecobee3 lite downstairs and has two sensors upstairs. Their house used to get cold upstairs, but since installing the ecobee3 lite, their home is much more consistently heated.

The smart Homekit integration means you can literally tell Siri to raise or lower the temperature.

One person we found loved how he or his wife can ask for the temperature to be changed just before bed and it’s done like magic.

ecobee Apple Watch app

A smart feature you’ll love – you can set a ‘geofence’ whereby when you’re out of the house and a certain distance away the ecobee will determine you’re away and start it’s unoccupied programming to lower the temperature.

The ecobee3 lite is a great smart thermostat. It’s the only one Apple fully endorses on it’s website and the only one that works 100% with Homekit, Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone.

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See a full demo on this YouTube video:

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